Module doesn't work

kreker92 09 Jan, 2014
I installed Chronoforms v4 component, module & plugin on Joomla 2.5
And form from module doesnt send data to email. Page is reloading and thats all.
Form is sending if its page with component, from Front view or from content with plugin.
Help me please!
I cant find decision of my problem.
GreyHead 09 Jan, 2014
Hi kreker92,

Please try setting Relative URL to No on the form General tab, click the form name link in the Forms Manager to see it.

kreker92 13 Jan, 2014
Thank u so much, Bob! 😀

Now its working correctly!
vsclassic 03 May, 2014
Hi Bob,

I was facing the same issue too.
But after setting Relative URL to No on the form General Tab, I received a new error instead.

I received a system message "The profile does not exist or is no longer available"

and the Thank you page doesn't appear, neither is the email populated with Data.

I believe the second error i am receiving is due to the user's name no longer appearing in the URL upon clicking the submit button. is there a workaround for this?

Please help!

vsclassic 03 May, 2014
Hi all, managed to find a solution for my problem.
In addition to setting Relative URL to NO, I set a static URL for the submit URL settings which solved my problem!
GreyHead 03 May, 2014
HI vsclassic,

That makes sense :-)

What was the problem with passing the user name? It doesn’t usually need to be in the URL.

vsclassic 04 May, 2014
Hi Bob,

My site utilises chronoforms in a way that the username of the user needs to be displayed in the form itself whereby the username is extracted from the url.

But chronoforms doesnt recognise the on submit url with the username present in it. Thus, by setting a static url, the problem is solved.
GreyHead 06 May, 2014
HI vsclassic,

You can always get the current username from the Joomla! User object in the ON Load or On Submit events.

Please see this FAQ

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