Cannot get email to send

emma.richardson 12 Dec, 2013
I am using Joomla 3.2 and Chronoforms 4.0.4. Emails work fine from Joomla - I am getting event registration emails, new user account emails etc.

But I cannot get Chronoform to even try and send. I have added the GH Plugin and installed it to the form and still nothing. My tech is not even seeing a connection attempt from the Joomla server. Email debugger says all is fine but I see that there is an issue with that so I cannot trust that.

Interestingly enough, when I first tried to register with this site I used my email from the same domain and I did not receive the activation email. When I reregistered with a gmail address it came through just fine. I really thought this meant that my email server was not liking something about the way that chronoforms is sending out the email but my Joomla server is inside the same network and it is strange that the email server is not even seeing a connection attempt on port 25. Does Chronoforms use a different port?
GreyHead 12 Dec, 2013
Hi Emma,

ChronoForms uses the Joomla! mailer so the problem isn't about different ports. Looks as though you have checked most of the obvious things. By all means email or PM me the site URL, the form name, and a SuperAdmin login and I'll take a quick look.

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