Form Templates

SamiBabe 10 Dec, 2013

Does anyone know of a place where I can get form templates to make the forms on my site look better than just a bunch of text and boxes?
With Virtuemart, people have created custom css for templates that we can just upload, and voila, it looks great.. I'm looking for the same type of solution with ChronoForms.

I really really hope there is something like this out there!
GreyHead 11 Dec, 2013
Hi SamiBabe,

There's nothing I know of specifically for ChronoForms, the default templates are plain but practical. You can easily create your own CSS, or Google around to find something that suits you - you can probably adapt some VirtueMart templates with a little work. And if you have Joomla! 3 you can use some of the Bootstrap styles by adding classes to the inputs.

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