Help file upload and send (only) link to email! 05 Dec, 2013
Hi guys, first of all congratulations for chronoForms and this support, It's very interesting. I'm a chronoFormers newbie, I would create a form that permit by frontend to upload a file on a server and send the link to download this file by email to anyone. If is possible I prefer a temporary link on the server (example a file that during on the server for 5 days before that time the link not exist). Anyone can help me please?
Thank you to all. Best regards 06 Dec, 2013
First of all thank you very much for your answer. I would like to upload a file and send the link (whith timeout) by email to a person not site registered. All by frontend obviously. I hope this time I'm a bit clearer.🙂 06 Dec, 2013
Thank you for your help, now I try and I'll let you know🙂 10 Dec, 2013
Hi, I finally created a form that permit to upload a file and send link to email, how I create a chrono app task to remove this file before five days? Can I have a feedback to user receive email and download his file?

Thank's 10 Dec, 2013
Thank you for your reply sloanthrasher, instead there is any way for receive a feedback? example notify to email read? Or better, notify to file downloaded? 10 Dec, 2013
Thank you so much for your help but I don't understand very well, there is any documentation that I can read?
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