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merovingio 16 Nov, 2013
Hi everybody,

I am tryng to get a HTML validation for this form
but in order to do it I should understand how I can cancel the attribute "name" (xhtml strict doesn't allow it) in the code <form action="" name="Richiesta_Docenti" id="chronoform_Richiesta_Docenti" method="post" class="Chronoform">

Thank you in advance!

GreyHead 19 Nov, 2013
Hi Pietro,

The obvious answer is not to validate against XHTML Strict - why do you need that?

You could hack the code, or use JavaScript to remove the name attribute but I suspect that might break other parts of ChronoForms as it uses the name as the main form identifier.


PS Validation against HTML5 looks OK for the form part at least.
merovingio 20 Nov, 2013
Hi Bob,
I need the XHTML strict validation because the Italian law obliges the public administrations to ask the WCAG2 AA validation for their site. Is there any solution that is not the use of JS?

Thank you very much,

GreyHead 21 Nov, 2013
Hi Pietro,

OK, but WCAG2 AA validation says nothing about XHTML compliance. The Web Accessibility Checker here gives your page an OK at level AA.

merovingio 22 Nov, 2013
Hey Bob you're right!

I was using the Stanca Act validator instead of WCAG2 AA so I got the XHTML Strict error. But if I flag the WCAG 2 instead of Stanca I don't get any error😀

Thank you very much!!!
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