[SOLVED] Auto server validation always give "field required"

Varchetta 05 Nov, 2013
I've chronoforms V4 installed on Joomla 2.5.
I apologize in advance for my bad english.

I've had problems with Captcha because I've SEF enabled so I've decided to try Recaptcha.
The problem is that now I need a mean to validate the fields of the form.

Then I've inserted a "auto server validation" action but something goes wrong.
If I put a field (as example name_0) in the "required" of "auto server validation" I receive a error message either if I leave the field "name_0" empty or I fill it.

I've tried to turn of SEF, to delete the browser cache to change the "on fail" event in the "auto server validation" but without success.

Any help?
GreyHead 05 Nov, 2013
Hi Varchetta,

What problems are you having with SEF?

The problems with the Auto ServerSide validation don't sound correct. It would be much more likely that you didn't get a message as the 'Required' there doesn't check for a value - just that the input exists in the submitted data array.

Please drag a Debugger action into the On Submit event, then submit the form and post the debug - including the 'dummy emails' results here.

Note: if you are using the Easy Wizard you can turn on Debug on the Others tab.

Varchetta 05 Nov, 2013
Hi, many thanks for having answered so quickly.
With Captcha and SEF I cannot made the image and the refresh button to cohabit.
Moreover, but I think this is a cache problem, when the form page is visited the first time the captcha image is memorized and then it doesn't change anymore, making impossible to submit the form if visited a second time (giving error of uncorrect code inserted).

The event strucuture I have is in the attachement : screenshot1.jpg

The first attempt is to check if ReCaptcha is controlled, then I don't put any recaptcha code, only the field nome_0 is put in the "required" and the "not empty" lists.
This is what I have when pressing "submit" button (attachement screenshot1b.jpg).

However if I put something in the nome_0 field I obtain something very similar (attachement screenshot1c.jpg)

No email has been sent (of course, I think, due to how the events are organized).
Varchetta 05 Nov, 2013
It seems that the error was in the fact that the "auto server validation" fields are case sensitive.

Sorry for my silly error.
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