Email Adress from Database

MichaS 23 Oct, 2013
I would like to send emails dynamically.

We have many different profile pages created with name, photo and text. On each side a separate form with profile ID is displayed. In the form of the name of the profile owner is repeated. Now I would like to use the email address of each holder's profile for sending the form. I have a column in the table db_content for email addresses called: emails. can I use this for shipping with "Dynamic To" setup the email? And how does it work?

Many thanks in advance for the help.
MichaS 24 Oct, 2013
Can someone please help or tell me where I get this information? I've spent a few hours here in the forum but apparently used the wrong tag?
Thank you!
GreyHead 25 Oct, 2013
HI Michas,

This is from ChronoForms v3 and I haven't used it for a couple of years - I don't' remember the details of how it works. I suggest that you turn debug on and see exactly what data is available to you. From the help tab it looks as though you ought to be able to get the email address you need. Though equally adding a DB query in the Custom Code before Email box might do the job as well.

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