How to authorize numbers and letters in text box

marcelus22 09 Oct, 2013
I use ChronoForms with joomla 1.5
In my form I want to allow letters and numbers in the text box
Can you tell me how to do it.

Now if I enter a number, I get the following message
"Please use letters only (a-z) in this field."

thank you
GreyHead 09 Oct, 2013
Hi marcelus22,

Which version of ChronoForms are you using?
You can find the version from Site Admin | Extensions | Install/Uninstall | Components in Joomla! 1.5 or Site Admin | Extensions | Extension Manager | Manage in Joomla! 1.6/1.7/2.5.

marcelus22 09 Oct, 2013
Hi Bob,

Thanks for your reply.
The version is 3.1 RC5.5
GreyHead 10 Oct, 2013
Hi marcelus22,

Does the: validate-alphanum (only letters and numbers) so what you need?

marcelus22 10 Oct, 2013
Hi Bob,
I would like to put letters and numbers on some text box
as name or address.
The default is on firefox but it works well on internet explorer.
GreyHead 11 Oct, 2013
Hi marcellus22,

I think this may be the same FireFox bug as Repitol is talking about here

marcelus22 20 Nov, 2013
Hi Bob,

Now the problem is also with internet explorer.
The users can't use caracters with accents.

Best regards

GreyHead 24 Nov, 2013
Hi Marcel,

That's true but not the same problem. Please see this FAQ

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