Button to Add More Inputs

hopemanjohn 07 Oct, 2013
Hi Bob,

I found your FAQ on “How to have a button to add more form inputs” and I have it working very well with four entries in a row.

However, I can’t manage to alter the code to set the inputs to be “Text Areas” with a variable column width and 1 row in height, instead of “Text boxes” as your code provides.

Help please??
GreyHead 08 Oct, 2013
Hi hopemanjohn,

I've just and a look at the FAQ and I'd expect the code (suitably modified) to work with textareas. What code are you using in the Custom Code action?

hopemanjohn 08 Oct, 2013
Hi Bob,

That’s my problem, I can get it to work as it stands and I can modify it to have multiple boxes. I have not tried to save the form or to re-populate it to either view in the front end or edit it yet. Perhaps such a variable entry form cannot easily be re-populated.

However, your statement,(suitably modified) pertains to someone who knows coding. Most people who use the ChronoForms component do so for ease of use. In your code you use a lot of variables alien to a non-programmer. What is required is for you to expand the FAQ to explain the code!

Without such an explanation the code is meaningless.

This would appear to do what I require if there is a way to repopulate a variable entry form. If not I will have to look elsewhere for a solution in order to complete this project.

GreyHead 08 Oct, 2013
Hi John,

If you need to do complex things with ChronoForms - like add multiple inputs - then you may need help from someone with some coding experience.

I'm a volunteer here and have have twenty or so posts wanting answers and half-a-dozen FAQs that I could write or update. Those that get the most requests tend to make it to the top of the list. I'm certainly not required to do any of them, but I probably will do some.

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