"Terms and Conditions" box before submit button

belli 03 Oct, 2013

how can I create a box for terms and conditions like attached image?

An area with scroll-bar, where is not possible to edit text.

GreyHead 03 Oct, 2013
Hi Belli,

There's no image attached to your post.

belli 03 Oct, 2013

[attachment=0]Schermata 2013-10-03 a 22.45.14.png[/attachment]

Thank you Bob
GreyHead 04 Oct, 2013
Hi belli,

I'd probably use a Checkbox input for the Checkbox and then a textarea set to readonly for the terms and conditions. You can't easily set a ChronoForms Textbox input to readonly so I'd hand-code it in a Custom Element element.

belli 04 Oct, 2013
Ok Bob, thank you!

I solved using a text area with DISABLE attribute:
<textarea cols="85" rows="10" class="" title="" name="input_textarea_84" DISABLED>text text text text</textarea>

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