Session Expired or Document Expired

melvins138 02 Oct, 2013
Hi, I love this component, overall it works wonderfully.

I have searched the forums, but haven't found an answer to solve my problem.

I have a multi-page form, created using this FAQ and the multipage part works great. I have the form save to a database, which works great, show a thank you page, which works, have a unique ID, which works and saves, and a thank you message, which works great.

My problem is, when moving between pages, mainly on the back button, either the info is deleted (when "Republish form data" is set to "no") or I get an Session Expired (IE) or Document Expired (FF) (when "Republish form data" is set to "Yes")

Also when you submit, and come back to the form, when the Republish form data is yes, all the information is still on the page.

What I need, is for the user to fill out the multi-page form, then at the end, before submit, have the ability to revisit each page to verify all info is correct. Then after the form is submitted, all the fields are cleared.

I have attaches some screenshots of my setup.

Thanks in advance for any help.
melvins138 02 Oct, 2013
The form is on a secure site, would that make a difference?
GreyHead 03 Oct, 2013
Hi Melvins138,

Possibly the secure site makes a difference; I've never personally seen those errors (but I only rarely work on secure sites).

What is the Joomla! session length set for? It that time expiring?

Using the Back button may be causing the problem. If you use a link to the specific form page do you get the same errors? You might need to add a Navigation bar to your form with links to the other pages.

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