form submission in Chronoform using custom code

cm 24 Sep, 2013

I am using chronoform for making online payment. I need to pass user parameters to payment gateway. Can I use custome code to build my own url with parameters? or any other way if possible.
Plz help.
GreyHead 24 Sep, 2013
Hi cm,

Which gateway? And how does the data need to be passed?

cm 25 Sep, 2013

I am using payzippy. I need to pass email id and other deatails of user to payzipppy for online transaction. Before passing it to gateway user deatails are stored in joomla db.
data is saved in db successfully, but those are not passed to gateway via url.
What are steps required to do?
Thnx in advance.
GreyHead 28 Sep, 2013
Hi cm,

I can't see any public documents on the PayZippy APIs :-(

What does PayZippy need and how are you trying to pass the data?

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