There is no connection.... but there is

rcadmin 29 Aug, 2013
I have got this to work in the past and am probably just making a silly mistake.

I have form called "StaffList" which with a "Form App" name of "ChronoConnectivity"
In chronoconnectivity I have selected "StaffList" as the form for the "Front Form" option in Front Editing.

The editable field generates the following type of link index.php/component/chronoconnectivity/StaffList-Update/cc_edit_data/9

However when I click on it I get "There is no connection with this name or may be the connection is not published, Please check the available connections in the Connections Manager."

I am so sure that I had this working the other day... but obviously not... whatever the case I have had similar connections working in the past.

What am I missing?
GreyHead 29 Aug, 2013
Hi rcadmin,

I think that CC has an option for SEF URL variables. I'm not sure exactly how that works but I think you need an entry there to make sure that the url has an var_name=value entry at the end that ChronoForms can read instead of the /9 (which is pretty useless).

rcadmin 29 Aug, 2013
Hi Bob,

I found the option in CC but can't find documentation or examples on how it is used. Also what is strange is that CC is working fine on the same site for different, but similar connection.
rcadmin 29 Aug, 2013
Ok so I am at a lost. I have not used similar settings to another CF and CC that works on our site but this one still doesn't.

I have included both configs bellow (the .txt needs to be removed) in case some has time to take a look :-)

Driving me nuts as I have got this working in the past 😲
rcadmin 06 Sep, 2013
Ok so I had two main errors. Max pointed out that I had a "-" in my Connection name so I changed that to an "_" and then I had forgotten to load the Database entries in the form :-)

All Good now.
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