Sending Parameters with the Link to a Form

HardcoreHorst 26 Aug, 2013
Hi lovely ChronoEngine-Team,

i have a question (who would have guessed that?!)

i am trying to build a form, that i can build into an article and by clicking onto the link parameters will be send to the form.

this will be used to send a request of a person, so i need to send the persons-name that is requested to the form, to put it into the email.


user looks at the page of john doe and hits the request-button which leads to the form and has a filled field then with requested: john doe...

is this anyhow possible to realise without php-knowledge?

ty for your answers.
HardcoreHorst 27 Aug, 2013
Hey, ty for this tip, but still it doesnt work for me😟

it only shows the category, but not the site-title😟

Throws off something like:

			Begleitservice Bayern - weibliche BegleitergetTitle(); ?>' />

where "Begleitservice Bayern - weibliche Begleiterget" is the category😟
GreyHead 02 Sep, 2013
Hi HardcoreHorst,

What code have you used and where?

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