Chronoform / Template CSS

bennychains 21 Aug, 2013

i am running rockettheme Oculus and installed chrono form, and the form is moving the background of my site around. Is there a way to see where the conflict is? Have you seen this before?


Thanks for anyhelp you may have. I just want to the form to not impact any other settings, including moving the background around.

GreyHead 21 Aug, 2013
Hi bennychains,

I can see that the black bar at the top is different - is that what you are talking about? I found a small interaction with the 'clear' class in the frontforms_tight CSS file but nothing else that was obviously linked to ChronoForms. But there are a lot of CSS files that could interact.

I'd suggest that you comment out the whole of the CF CSS file to see if that clears the problem. The do a binary search through it - comment out half to see which half causes it, then comment out half of the guilty half and so on.

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