For Wizard Drag and Drop not working

citydogmagazine 13 Aug, 2013
Hi there -- I recently downloaded ChronoForms and the drag and drop function won't work. I found conversation threads from others on this topic and tried the suggested fixes to no avail. I'm not a programmer, but did manage to find this error in Fire Bug:

TypeError: el.$tmp is undefined

build: function(el){ // modded for X3
el.$tmp.myTitle = (el.href && el.getTag() == 'a') ? el.href.replace('http://', '') : (el.rel || false);
if (el.title)

ypeError: el.$tmp is undefined
...itle = (el.href && el.getTag() == 'a') ? el.href.replace('http://', '') : (
mootips.js (line 212)

I've enabled System - Mootools Upgrade as well as disabled it -- neither solution works.

Not sure what else to do and your help would be most appreciated. The site is <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->.
GreyHead 14 Aug, 2013
Hi citydogmagazine,

I'm afraid that it's close to impossible to diagnose from the front-end. This is Joomla! 1.5 with the MooTools Upgrade enabled so I assume that you have installed ChronoForms v4 for Joomla! 1.5. That should run correctly.

The error you have found will cause a problem it appears to be showing up in the MooTips code but I can't tell what exactly is causing it. I've done a search of the ChronoForms v4 files and don't see MooTips referenced there.

I can see that the front-end of the site has an enormous number of scripts loading including jQuery so I suspect that the back-end may be similar (though usually there are fewer there).

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