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Guidonzolo 09 Aug, 2013
i've a form "InserimentoMisure" (i've attached a backup) that works fine in a frontend but does not open for editing. When i try to edit it, the form is openend with all controls but the Event Tab shows nothing. The event Tab is empty but there is this line: "Joomla! 2.5.14 Joomla!® è un software libero rilasciato sotto licenza GNU/GPL".
I think there is some problem in the form that is corrupt but i don't know how to repair it. I've the last seven days of mysql DB but maybe the problems occurred before.
Can you suggest any workaround?
Can i recover the php code i've written? I've seen ob DB but i've not seen anything about the php code (all code stored in the event tab).
Thanks at all and sorry for may bad english

GreyHead 10 Aug, 2013
Hi Guido,

The form opened OK on my test site and I could see that the problem is that you have used a Header Text element to include custom code. The Header Text element breaks if you include double quotes and should only be used for the simplest of headers. For anything else use a Custom Element element form the Advanced Group. I've made that change and attach a version of the updated form.

Guidonzolo 10 Aug, 2013
Yes, I've seen it.
The problem was that the header was missing a </div> so all the fields were included in it. I've insert the missing </div> in the header and all works fine.
Thanks for your support


PS: is there a way to recover from DB the php code written in the Event Tab?
GreyHead 11 Aug, 2013
Hi Guidonzolo,

PS: is there a way to recover from DB the php code written in the Event Tab?

If you need to you ca do it with a MySQL tool like PHPMyAdmin.

Check the id of your form from the Form ID column in the Forms Manager (or the form entry in the #__chronoforms table). Then look in the #__chronoform_action table for entries with a matching 'chronoform_id'. There will be one record for most of the form actions. If you find the action you are looking for the PHP is in the 'content1' column.

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