Triple dropdown

Gee 07 Aug, 2013
Dear Bob,

I purchased your doc CF4 using Ajax where you describe how to create a double dropdown. Finally I managed to get it working into my form.

Here is the link to my form:
The dropdowns plaats, adres and emailadres are into the lower part of the form.

Now I would like to extend this to a triple dropdown (with the dropdown field Emailadres).
I tried this by duplicating (and replacing the variables) the JS and Ajax codes from the second dropdown field Adres.

However without the result desired. I really have no idea how to solve this.

Please can you explain how to create a triple dropdown?

Thanks in advance!
Max_admin 12 Aug, 2013
Hi Gee,

I didn't read the doc but building the 3rd one would be like building the 2nd one, except that you would have a new event to load the info and you would use the field name of the 2nd dropdown in your AJAX code, you would need a new "dynamic dropdown" action for the 3rd one too.

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
GreyHead 13 Aug, 2013
Hi Gee,

As Max says, it's mainly a question of repeating the code for the first drop-down - suitably edited - and linking it to the On Change event of the second drop-down. The main thing is to think through the sequence and make sure that the parts join up correctly - for example, you can't call the second Ajax unless the first one has been run and a value set.

What is the code that you have so far.

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