CC: view details without editing

admin_wiky 06 Aug, 2013
Hi all,

I created a connection to one table with 20 columns. It shows e.g. 3 columns in frontend list where 1 column is for editing (update works).

Now I need a hint how to show detail of record without editing, just showing

could u help me?

jcmafra 06 Aug, 2013
Hi homeopat,

I suggest you to create a form with all datas that you wanna view and link one column/field of the list to load this form. Be careful to set this form to be read only, otherwise the user may change data.
admin_wiky 06 Aug, 2013
Hi man,

could u pls tell me how can I link a column to form?
jcmafra 09 Aug, 2013
Hi homeopat

Take a look at the screens.

admin_wiky 13 Aug, 2013
Hi Jcmafra,

thank u 4 tutorial, but it isnt solve my problem. your solution offer editing, but this topic is for linkable field for show the record, not editing records.

I think I can link it to CF form, but I dont know how. I tried some examples, but without result.

GreyHead 13 Aug, 2013
Hi homeopat,

The simplest way is probably to link to a form that has no inputs. Just a Custom Element element with the HTML to display the values you need. The simplest way to get the HTML is to copy over the email template.

admin_wiky 14 Aug, 2013
Hi Bob,

I know that I should go in that direction, but unfortunately I have a problem in creating the right reference.
So the problem is that I do not know how to correctly refer to the CF form. If you load a linkable field such as:
I get the following link:

and I think it isnt the correct link.

GreyHead 14 Aug, 2013
Hi homeopat,

That looks like an SEF problem. Does it work if you use a full URL or an one like this index.php?option=com_chronoforms? . . .
admin_wiky 14 Aug, 2013
Hi Bob,

If I fill in

I get

so If I fill in full url, then I get something like ...

a little stupid question, what do u mean SEF?
GreyHead 14 Aug, 2013
Hi homeopat,

SEF = Search Engine Friendly; SEO = Search Engine Optimised both chunks of code that take perfectly good URLs and mangle them into uselessness.

I'm afraid that I don't know enough about CC to have a better answer - you can try asking Max using the Contact Us link above.

admin_wiky 15 Aug, 2013
oh, I know SEO🙂

thank you for your time.
probnik 28 Aug, 2013
Hi, all!

I'm a beginner in CF and CC.
I have a similar problem with viewing details. I have CF form with many fields which is editable. I also have a CC connection which is autolisting only 3 fields of the CF form. Every row is a new record from the form. What am I trying to do is to make one of the columns in the CC table linkable (for example "name"). So when you click it, it will show you the rest of the information filled in the form. I have tried to put in the "Linkable Field(s)" in CC something like name:view_e&cb={cf_id}, but it only shows a blank page. I suppose I also have to put something in the CF form but I don't know what.

Any help will be highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!
admin_wiky 29 Aug, 2013
Hi man,
in CC form
front end editing tab, put name of event to custom data task:

in CF form for editing (connect with your CC)
u must add event (button Add event) and named it view_e. put there i.e., Debugger (data could show you) and Show thanks message a there put code:
probnik 29 Aug, 2013
Hi homeopat!
Thanks for your answer! I tried but still nothing. The debbuger gets this:

Could you be more specific about the Thanks message and this code
Should I replace "field_name" only with "name"?
The event looks like this:

In "Linkable Field(s)" in CC I put
but is it correct? I've tried with {id} but no success.

Thanks in advance!
admin_wiky 18 Sep, 2013

sorry for late reply.

in linkable field you should have:

in CF form, view_e event:
you can

if u use relation tables
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