ChronoForms and other contanct form

julia33 13 Jul, 2013
I have two forms.
One Joomla quick contanc form (mod_quick_contact)
and one chronoforms form.
(I have joomla 3 and chronoforms v4)

When I send the joomla form everythings works correct.

When I send the chronoforms form I get the notice: email function could not be initalized.

if I go back to joomla quick contact form and send it I get TWO Emails. One from quick contact form and the other from chronoforms (that did not worked before).
The chronoform seems to be dependet on the other joomla contact form??? can anybody help please

thank you
GreyHead 14 Jul, 2013
Hi Julia,

I have no explanation for this. Are both forms on the same page?

GreyHead 22 Jul, 2013
Hi Julia,

If you look at the action URLs for the two forms they both start with the same part
So I suspect that something in Joomla! is managing to submit both forms - that's very odd.

Please try setting the Relative URL to NO in the form General Tab (click the form name link in the Forms Manager to see it).

If that doesn't work than I can only suggest that you turn the Contact Form off on this page.

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