Email textarea not seperating the paragraph or space.

ronjb 10 Jul, 2013
Hi Greyhead

Is there a way to have the textarea separate the paragraph with Enabling the WYSIWYG Editor?

I tried a test mail and wrote two paragraphs, how i separated them is by using 2 enters to put a gap between them since the WYSIWYG Editor is not activated.. However when i checked the mail its not showing the two enters but when i inspect elements its there but not on the actual email though..

Its weird to have a contact form that has an editor

Thanks again in advance
ronjb 10 Jul, 2013
Woww wish i had found this earlier...

That was a quick fix, took me like 30mins with a diff procedure, i enabled the editor and hide everything through css and set the heights and widths..

Thanks anyway
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