Checkboxes appear in CC list

janssendalt 06 Jul, 2013
Heya guys,

Thanks in advance for you attention.

I'm looking for a way to make some checkboxes data from a ChronoForms form appear on a CC list.

Here is the form in question:
And here is the CC list in question:

Another question (as I thought it was better to ask it here than make another topic) would be if the data on the CC list can be hidden until a search is made.

Thanks again,
GreyHead 07 Jul, 2013
Hi Janssen,

How do you want the checkboxes to appear??

If you saved them in the database as comma separated strings then I'd expect those strings to appear in the CC listing?

The link to the listing that you posted just says 'Access Denied' which isn't helpful.

To hide records until there are results add a WHERE clause that is false like 1=2


Please do not post the same question here three times!!!
janssendalt 07 Jul, 2013

I'm really sorry for posting it 3 times. I thought my question on the CF how to hadn't been submitted... anyways, I was wrong to post it on there two.

I did restrict the access to the form/query later that night, but I will reverse that so you can check it out.

I solved my problem by changing a checkbox group with single checkboxes (there were 21 of them, so it was some job😛.

I didn't understand what you meant by putting a WHERE clause. Where should I put it and what should it look like? I'm terribly oblivious as to how these things work, so I am incredibly grateful for this software and your support.

Thanks for having enough patience to answer me,
I'll buy you a beer😛
GreyHead 09 Jul, 2013
Hi Janssen,

I logged in and looked at the listing but that didn't tell me anything useful about your problem :-(

I'd expect a list of checkbox values to appear as a comma separated list unless you add code to change them to something different.

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