Reload and Autocomplete Form with Submitted Data

muggslab 05 Jul, 2013

I'm hoping to build a form that asks for the person's information (Name, Company, Email) and then have a section below that allows the person to send invitations to friends by filling in their Name and Email address. They have the option to invite up to 10 people.

After the invitation has been submitted, I would like to reload the form with blank invitation fields and have the person's information pre-populated with the information previously filled out (Name, Company, Email).

What is the best advice to get this to work?

GreyHead 15 Jul, 2013
Hi muggslab,

If the user is registered then you can get their information from the Joomla! User record (check the FAQs to see how). If they are a guest you can save it to the User Session and re-load it in the new form.

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