Same E-Mail to three Persons

chrigu 05 Jul, 2013

I have a form, usable from differnt pages. The form will read some information from the database and add this information to the email. This is easy and is working perfect.
Normally the mail is sendt to two static mail-adresses. This is working as well.
Somtimes I get an additional e-mail-address from the database. If this is happend the mail should go to all three addresses.

So, my first idea was to write this additional e-mail-address to a field like $form->data['email_to']. If I do so the mail is sendt to this address but not to the other two.
Then I used $form->data['email_to'] again but I had all the E-Mail-Adresses comma separated in the field. This was not working.
Then I tried to have my static addresses in the CC and the normal address in 'email_to'. I only get the mail for 'email_to'.

Do you have a good solution for this?

Kind regards
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