How to create new item in Element list (Wizard)

Yaro 03 Jul, 2013
Hi Folks,

I want to create new own custom element in Wizard "Elements" with properties window etc.
Something like own complicated template for selector (select).

Add this element to Wizard list of elements and when I need drug it to Chronoform
I mean to extend Wizard list of elements.

Thank you
GreyHead 03 Jul, 2013
Hi Yaro,

Good luck, it not a simple task that you are taking on here and it will require hacking the ChronoForms core code.

Yaro 04 Jul, 2013
Hi GreyHead,

Thanks for your reply

Looks like it will be not legal from my side, am I right?
GreyHead 04 Jul, 2013
Hi Yaro,

No problem with legality, just that there aren't any easy hooks to let you attach a new element so you have to build it into the core code. And then you have problems with upgrading.

What do you want your element to do?

Yaro 04 Jul, 2013
Hi GreyHead,

I want to create some list of items, when user click on one of them - near appears one more list of structures(label+input box etc.)- it's not hard to do, main issue that's to make it simple to add to Chronoform, because Admin doesnt know html/js/php.

and other element - is a link to file (when Admin create it in chronoforms, he uploads a file and sets label, and this file will be able to download from that form for users) - I thought to set Editor in Header element to JCE(it has this functionality), but it doesnt work.

GreyHead 05 Jul, 2013
Hi Yaro,

The first one looks like a double drop-down which you can use one of the Power Field actions to build.

For the file upload. I'd probably create a little 'admin only' form to do the upload and return an HTML snippet that the admin can copy and paste into a Custom Element element in the form.

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