[SOLVED] Edit checkbox group/select multi not load values

neuronageek 25 Jun, 2013
My check boxes group and/or selects with multi option set does not load values when editing, but on DB the values are stored correctly (for example value1,value2,value3) but are not retrieved.

¿Any info about how to solve this?
GreyHead 25 Jun, 2013
Hi neuronageek,

Use the Array Fields Sets option on the Advanced tab of the DB Record Loader.

neuronageek 25 Jun, 2013
Hi Bob,

Where?, I do not use DB Record Loader on this form, and can not find "array" settings on DB Multi Record Loader.

GreyHead 25 Jun, 2013
Hi neuronageek,

True, in that case you have to explode the list results back to arrays in the Custom Code action.

What does the form do that you need them as arrays?

neuronageek 26 Jun, 2013
Hi, Bob,

I use a standard checkbox group that is not related with any DB Record loader. See this example:

This is the standard setting dialogue for the element:

When saving form, and reload, the checkbox is unmarked, and in database the record content is "Encargado,Dueño" (no quotes).

Must I use a non standard element to handle manually theses "multi" selects formfields? or there is a simple approach to solve this with the standard elements?
GreyHead 26 Jun, 2013
Hi neuronageek,

But what do you need to do with these values? I have no idea what the actual problem is here so can't help solve it.

neuronageek 26 Jun, 2013
Hi Bob,

I only need to show checked again on screen after reload (edit) the form later!. It's a silly thing; one input type=text when reload the form shows it's content. One check group with one value checked shows his value checked, but not if two or more checkboxes are checked before saving the form.

It's a problem on the routine to render "multi" selects and/or checkbox groups.
neuronageek 26 Jun, 2013
Hi all,

Digging in the forum I find a clue, and works...

I launch my form using a Chronoconnectivity "Connection". This is, by far, the best utility on the package, and surpases other tools like BreezingForms "ContentBuilder" by far.

Now, to solve my problem with multiple checkboxes and select's, Here are the steps to follow:

1.- Locate the connection you are using to call the form (to edit data). Go to Chronoconnectivity Connections Manager/and open the connection who call the form who uses theses checkboxes/select's.
2.- Go to General / Advanced tab:
Write the NAME (not the ID) of the checkboxes group and selects multi, comma separated.
3.- Save and enjoy.

Now, when you save a form which are called within this connection (as far I know), all checkboxes and multi selects "declared" are correctly saved and restored for editing.

Best regards,
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