Set Pagination to 1

applebox 21 Jun, 2013
I was searching for how to do this, but kept coming up empty.
Is there a way to set the search limit to 1?
I can modify the data in the DB to do this, but then every time I go to make a change in the CC entry, it switches back to 5.
I have the Pagination working just fine, but the dropdown shows 5 as the least.

I have customized how the data is being displayed on the page and only want to show 1 record at a time.

I did a quick scan of the code and wan't coming up with much. Is this something that's pulled in from Joomla source code and if so, where can I find that to modify it?

If there is no way to do this, I can live with 5, but it just doesn't look right and is not the most user-friendly way of doing what I need to do.

applebox 21 Jun, 2013
Oh, I just noticed something else (related to this).
If I search for a record and it does not return any results, why is there no message stating that there was nothing found?
And the pagination drop down still shows up no matter how many records are found. Sorry, just noticed this while testing stuff.
applebox 26 Jun, 2013
Well, since I had no reply to this yet, is there a way to do this?
I tried using some PHP code to not display the paginator if there were less than 5 results.
I used this code:
<?php if (count($row['cf_id'])>4) { ?>

I was getting mixed results. For some reason, if there are less than 5 results, it works. Even if I turn it around to <4, it shows the pagination. But if there are more than 5 results, the >4 doesn't work. Instead, it works with <4 for some reason. Very strange.
Anyway, is there some sort of code that you know of that I can surround the paginator with so that it only shows up if there are 5 or more results?
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