AJAX Enabled Dropdown [P] requires mootools in J3.1?

neuronageek 19 Jun, 2013
Hi. I get Error: 500 JHtmlBehavior::mootools not found error when I try to use this action.
Have you any solution to this?


GreyHead 19 Jun, 2013
Hi Jesus,

Load MooTools?

neuronageek 19 Jun, 2013
Hi, Bob.

In line 19 of administrator/components/com_chronoforms/form_actions/ajax_enabled_dropdown_p/cfaction_ajax_enabled_dropdown_p.php

there is:

function load( $form = null, $actiondata = null )
		$params = new JParameter( $actiondata->params );
		$document =& JFactory::getDocument();
		//JHTML::_( 'behavior.mootools' ); //LINE 19: COMMENT THIS LINE
		$mainframe =& JFactory::getApplication();
		$uri =& JFactory::getURI();

I simply comment this line, and works. My template does not load Mootools (cames from YooTheme).

GreyHead 19 Jun, 2013
Hi neuronageek,

Ah OK.

The code changed in Joomla! 3 . . . :-(

You must now replace that with
to load just the MooTools Core library, or
JHTML::_('behavior.framework', true);
to load both the MooTools Core and MooTools More libraries.

This code is generally not needed because the library is usually loaded by Joomla! or by a template - or has been up to Joomla! 2.5. It is sometimes useful to make sure that the MooTools library is loaded early enough to be used by a a code snippet (Joomla! 2.5 had a habit of loading it late in the header).

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