Hacked? Bogus forms have been created

webteam 28 May, 2013
Hi. I'm wondering if our site has been hacked. I first noticed our 2 forms were behaving strangely. When I went into the admin, I saw we had our 2 forms which we created, and then a bunch of bogus, blank forms which we did not create. I removed them. Now, a week later, they are back. Is this the result of a possible hacking situation? Please advise.
Thank you so much!
GreyHead 28 May, 2013
Hi webteam,

I've no idea. Never heard of this happening before. To create forms they'd need access to your site admin so I suggest that you change the passwords as a security measure.

If the forms re-appear please take a backup copy and send them to me.

webteam 28 May, 2013
Thanks much. I changed the admin password. I guess will see what happens.
webteam 29 May, 2013
Hi. The blank forms are back again.

Changed our passwords yesterday, deleted all the blank forms, and, sure enough, logged in today and there is a new blank form in there that no one has created. The blank form has no name and no data in it. Is it possible one of our 2 legitimate forms has been compromised somehow?

Here are the live links to the 2 forms:

We are not using any custom php code on the submission side, just the javascript validation you see there - (done by a previous coder)

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
GreyHead 01 Jun, 2013
Hi webteam,

Do you have any kind of virus/hack scanner on the site? I wonder if somehow that triggers the 'New Form' link? It's unlikely but I'm short on other suggestions :-(

webteam 03 Jun, 2013
Nope. No scanner of any type on the site. :-(
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