Validation Display (Tooltip Style) Problems in IE9

cmachanick 26 May, 2013

Please note that this problem occurs in IE9, but Firefox seems to work without any trouble.
As stated in one of the related topics, I included my form in a module with {loadposition modulename}.

The validation works 100% in IE9, but the Background of the tooltip does not display. So, all that is (barely) visible is white text, displaying the error message.

I have tried to tinker, but cannot correct the problem.

For reference purposes, I have captured a screenshot and circled the problem described above.

Please help!
GreyHead 26 May, 2013
Hi cmachanick ,

It's impossible to diagnose from a screen shot :-( Have you tried using the IE9 Web developer tools to see what CSS is being applied to the tooltip? Click F12 to open them.

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