Data dont send

norwi 22 May, 2013
Hello (sorry for my English)

I have got webpage (joomla 2.5, chronforms V4 25 stable )

And I created 11 form, but when I migrated from j25.advokationline to, I dont send data with email.

When I use Frontend view link, Forms working OK.

Please help me

list from debug

    [lang] => cs
    [language] => cs-CZ
    [chronoform] => frm_pokus
    [event] => submit
    [Itemid] => 522
    [option] => com_chronoforms
    [view] => form
Validation Errors:
Debug Data
            Result An email has been SENT successfully from (Eshop) to
            Label Text 	{input_text_1}
            Label Text 	{input_textarea_2}
            Submitted by
            Attachments array ( )
norwi 22 May, 2013
I got it. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

I must disable Global setting->pages->setting SEO->use rewrite URL.

Thanks GOD.
GreyHead 23 May, 2013
Hi jwi,

You can also try setting Relative URL to 'No' on the form General tab (click the form name link in the Forms Manager to see it).

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