Emails Not Being Received

Texasgurl 20 May, 2013
I am using Chronoforms 4 in Joomla 2.5.11 on a Windows server. I read a previous post and followed your instructions re adding a Debugger to the form. Please see attached.

One thing I did notice is when I had a URL listed in the "Submit URL" field, I was not able to view the debugger. So I removed the URL and attached is the Debugger.

Will you please help me in trying to decipher why the emails are not being received? Also, some of my fields did not register the data that was entered on the Contact form.

Thanks so much!
GreyHead 21 May, 2013
Hi Texasgurl,

If you add a URL in the Submit URL box then the form will be submitted to that URL; ChronoForms will never see the form results and can do nothing with them.

The problem with missing data is that the names don't match - for example, there is no 'zip_9' input, in the debug data you can see that there is a 'zip_8' though.

The problem with delivery may be because you have the same 'From Email' and 'To Email' address, some mail servicea (GMail in particular) will drop emails like this. Please see this FAQ for some other possibilities.

Texasgurl 21 May, 2013
Thanks Bob!
I changed all per your suggestions. The email went through, almost perfectly. However, I'm stilling getting another error message in the debugging. Please see attached.

My results in the bottom portion of my email looks like this:

I am interested in:

array ( 0 => 'Management Consulting', 1 => 'Examination, Evaluation and', 2 => 'Loan Review', )

These check-box items came across as a list in Joomla 1.5, like this:
Management Consulting
Examination, Evaluation and Investigation
Loan Review

This is the only thing wrong now. Do you know what's causing this and how to fix it? My email to and from addresses are correct, so that's not the problem. I hope you can tell from this email.

GreyHead 25 May, 2013
Hi TexasGurl,

The validation Errors array is empty so there are no errors; just remove/turn off the Debugger to get rid of that message.

Please drag a Handle Arrays action into the OnSubmit event and move it up before the Email action to convert the arrays to strings.

Texasgurl 28 May, 2013
Thank you, Bob! Worked like a charm!
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