Solved: Form retains previous submission

abasel 19 May, 2013
Hi, what I am doing wrong or forgetting to activate? When I return to a form it is not blank but contains the data that was previously entered. This occurs independent of computer and network.

I have just checked my other form and it works just fine. This issue appears only to happen with my multipage form.
abasel 20 May, 2013
Reading around it looks like I may need to insert some custom code at the end of the 'On Submit' block and then unset each variable... just seems a little long winded.
GreyHead 20 May, 2013
Hi abasel,

You can also set the last Multi-Page action to clear the saved data. Make sure that it is in the final On Submit event so that there are not more Back buttons for the user to click.

abasel 20 May, 2013
Hi Bob,

I am not sure if this is what you meant but I put the following custom code inas the last action of the "On Submit" section.

$form->data = array();

But it didn't appear to work.
abasel 20 May, 2013
Got it... under "Data/DB operations" I to the "Session to Data" action and added it to the last action in my "On Submit" block. From there I changed the "Clear After" option to yes.

Thanks for that.
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