Chronoforms V4 - Not saving wizard fields

swopeoffice 06 May, 2013
I've been having some issues with v4 RC3.4.1 so updated to the latest v4 stable on J1.5. Same issues, I noticed when I updated "0 database updates were made" or something along those lines.

I have a simple text field that is marked "required" if i uncheck it and save the form, it's still checked when I open it back up.

I'm having the same issue with the email address field which started my investigation because the user is not receiving emails either.

Any help is appreciated!

GreyHead 07 May, 2013
Hi Jeff,

We've seen similar things a few times with older versions but you are the first to report anything with CFv4 stable. Please will you drop a message to Max using the Contact Us link above and link to your post here. He may have a quick answer.

swopeoffice 09 May, 2013
What was the fix for those previously?
GreyHead 09 May, 2013
Hi Jeff,

As far as I remember Max fixed them in the next release, it was a little while ago.

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