Confirmation email - where can it be edited?

zzafio 26 Dec, 2012
I have updated a J2.5.8 site to J3.0.2, and then updated Chronoforms to the appropriate latest 4RC3.5.2. And my booking form continues to work beautifully, thanks!

Now I need to edit a word in the Confirmation email, but can't see how. I was able to change a similar word in the text above the main form by editing the code in the code tab... but can someone please suggest how to edit the Confirmation email text?
GreyHead 27 Dec, 2012
Hi zzafio ,

I think you just need to edit the Email template. It will be in the Email action (or the Emails tab if you are using the Easy Wizard).

zzafio 01 Jan, 2013
Easy when you know how! Thanks, managed to edit successfully.
henryjo 25 Feb, 2013
"Easy when you know how! Thanks, managed to edit successfully."
Ha, I was massively overcomplicating this then, doh! Thanks
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