Javascript behaviour in IE for CF form.

jrmobile 22 Dec, 2012
Good day,

I've read a lot of similar topics, but none of them helped me to get rid of the problem/
Hope someone will be able to give a hand on this one.

Here is my form

Every element on the form runs "calculate" js function by OnChange and OnClick events, that calculates value for summary field in the bottom.

The form works perfect for all browsers except IE.
It even works on most IE, but on some of them it just won't react on checkbox or fields change.

When i press (F12) to debug it, the form starts to work properly right instead.

Will really apreciate any help here.

Thanks in advance.
GreyHead 23 Dec, 2012
Hi jrmobile,

I don't see any errors here apart from one about putting the page into IE7 mode.

It may be that the console.log() commands cause errors when the JavaScript Console is not enabled.

jrmobile 23 Dec, 2012
Hi Bob,

Thank you for your suggestions.

I've tried a lot of trick with compatibility modes.
For now i've just put it in IE8 compatibility mode and removed all console.log.

And it resolved my problem.

Thanks again for your prompt answer.
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