Redirect not working

Flying_Badger 14 Dec, 2012

The redirect for my form is not working. It takes the user to the form page, without the form, upon submission. Everything else is working great.

Am I missing something, is it in the wrong place? I have tried to place it both before and after the Email button.

The debugger actually shows 2 redirect urls,
1. the one I entered to the form
2. the home page of the site

however, it actually delivers to the page with the form, (minus the form) which is neither of these addresses.

Any thoughts

Many thanks
GreyHead 14 Dec, 2012
Hi Flying_Badger,

There's not enough information here to diagnose exactly what is happening. Please tell us how you are doing the redirection and post the Debugger output here.

If you are using a ReDirect User action then it needs to be the last action in the On Submit event or any later actions will not be run.

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