Rediret URL in event OnLoad with field form

Oriol 13 Dec, 2012

I've a question about redirect url.

It's possible to instant redirect on event on Load with a field form value? I ask it because I've tried it and always return and empty value:


(after token must be a value and it's empty)

If I put the Rediret URL and User URL at on Submmit event, it works fine so the error isn't in the code.
andypooz 13 Dec, 2012
Perhaps you could provide more details about exactly what you want to do and the code/chronoforms blocks you are using at the moment?
Oriol 13 Dec, 2012
Hi andypooz

Yes, sorry about my poor explanation.

I have two forms: A and B

I would like users enter in form A and automatically redirect to form B with a hidden field value as a Param/Field redirect url.

If I try it with a Submit button and implement it in a Submmit Event ( RedirectUrl and User UrL) it works. But I don't wont users see form A, I want the systems automatically redirect to form B. So, if I implements it at "On Load" event, instead "Submint event" it doesn't works.

The param field is empty.

my code in form A

redirect url ( and user url)
Target URL

Params/Fields map

So, if I implement it at "On Submit" event , it works fine and the url see as:

But, if I try it at "On load" event, i received:

Empty value in the variable token

I hope now I having explained better.

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