Multi Language - What do I do not right?

hanszuidinga 10 Dec, 2012
I installed chronoforms 4 the latest and it installed without any errors.

A search for Multi language and how to make a form gave several options.

The form is made, however it doesn't show when testing.

Then I thought it might be the Multi language part.
So, I tried to make it Multi language.
However, this didn't do the trick either.

Is chronoforms K2 compatible?

Anybody a golden hint?

Thanks in advance.

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I followed several post to how set up a form / multilingual form.
I tried everything in several orders.
The form has five fields and a submit button.
At the events tab in the onload area I dragged a multi lingual block and then show html.
This is done for every language.

In the on submit area a show thanks message is mod for each language.

What is the best order to carry it out?

And a very important issue, is chronoforms K2 compatible?

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GreyHead 12 Dec, 2012
Hi hanszuidinga,

Is the problem that you can't see your form at all? If so please see this FAQ

I don't know what 'K2 Compatible' means so can't answer that question. There are certainly users who use ChronoForms on sites with K2.

GreyHead 12 Dec, 2012
Hi hanszuidinga,

You only need one Show HTML action.

And you want to use the Multi-Language actions to translate the labels in the form e.g.
First Name=voornaam
Last Name=achternaam

hanszuidinga 12 Dec, 2012
You are Majestic!

Thank you very much.
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