Calendar does not show in form

studielijder 06 Dec, 2012
Hello all,

after upgrading our website to Joomla 2.5, we also upgraded to CF 4.0 RC3.4.1. During migration of our old chronoform page, I cannot get the calendar component to show (all other items are fine)
See for a live view.
Can anybody tell me what is going wrong and what to do. Also, any hints on how to debug are appreciated higly ;-)


GreyHead 06 Dec, 2012
Hi Jan-Willem,

When I first tried the time picker was showing on von, then the date-picker showed on the first input but not the time-picker. A bit odd but the date-picker does show in FireFox and in IE9.

Try adding ids to the inputs that might help here. There are no JavaScript errors showing and the picker clearly works so all the code is there.

studielijder 06 Dec, 2012
Hi Bob,

thanks for your quick reply. Due to a good old review I found a missing brace in the window.addEvent('load', function()) - part.
It works now.


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