IE9 and Mootools Validation Problems

tadosborn 06 Dec, 2012
I'm having a problem with validation when viewing in IE9. I've tried to force the browser headers to IE8. I don't have jQuery installed. Joomla 2.58 with the latest Chronoforms release. Validation works fine in other browsers. IE9 doesn't validate any of the form!

I get the dreaded "Unable to se value of the property 'className': object is null or undefined when I try to add custom js:
window.addEvent('domready', function() {

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
tadosborn 06 Dec, 2012
Found the problem. When using the plugin, you CAN NOT have paragraph tags around the plugin code!
Good Code:

Bad Code:

This seems like a bug within Chronoforms plugin. AARRRRRGGGGHHHH!! What a waste of time this has caused.
GreyHead 06 Dec, 2012
Hi tadosborn,

It's a feature of HTML, IE and the rich text editors. The HTML specs say that <form> tags are not permitted inside <p>tags; IE enforces this rule, most other browsers don't. The <p> tags are added by the rich text editor trying to be helpful.

Please see this FAQ for the problem and fix.

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