Chronoforms show in white background no website css?

sirdna 05 Dec, 2012
Hello smart people!

I have Joomla 1.5.26 and ChronoForms_V3.2.0 with plugin, the problem is that forms shows in white background, without content and templete css, maybe you know what i missing?

I have tried different templates and remove plugins, moduls, bascily it is simple joomla 1.5.26

So the form is working when i eanble it as menu item or insert as plugin in content, but other website content is missing, just white background.

Maybe someone knows what is the problem?

Thanks in advance!

GreyHead 05 Dec, 2012
Hi sirdna,

No idea. Please post a link to the form so I can take a quick look.

sirdna 06 Dec, 2012
Forgat to mention that when i send e-mail, i get messege

"The mail() function has been disabled and the mail cannot be sent."

I conected to server they said that i have to use SMTP mail function, insted of php mail function, because server has disabled php mail function because of spam

Mybe you konw how can i use SMTP function with chronoforms? I f server says right

Do I have to change something in joomla options? In mail function i found"Mailer: SMPT SERVER, when i choose this i get "PHPMAILER_FROM_FAILEDasd"

May be this information help help?

If this information dont give any clue, can i send you link privet?

Thanks in advance!
GreyHead 06 Dec, 2012
Hi sirdna,

The Mail server settings are in Site Administration |Global Configuration | Server. Your web host can tell you what the settings need to be. I Googled and found this tutorial that may help - though the details will be different for you.

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