Curl ChronoForms to Vtiger5.40 + CFV4 + joomla

Woodman 30 Nov, 2012
To save the time to repost lead to Vtiger5.40; I nearly search all the information can found in google also this forums too. I have 2 installation of joomla. I didn't know any computer lanuage, except English. I think in Vtiger5.40 the point is the publicid.
1) joomla 1.5 with Chrono Contact V 3.2 09 Nov 2010 Chronoman
This do curl the webform successful.
Field names from your form
	'lastname' field=lastname	 	
	'email' field=email 	
	'button_2' field

Extra field values to send
Extra fields Data
leadsource=Web Site

The debug results:
$curl_values: lastname=xxx&

2) but in joomla2.5, 4.0 RC3.5.1; the curl didn't support the Extra Field Values to send. It can do as same as the V 3.2 done. I mean put extra fields data with publicid.
what a freshman like me can do is put a hide input in the form with publicid, this works!But in vtiger forums, some guy told it's dangerous code.

I also tried to put the custom code with <input id="publicid" type="hidden" value="75b11bf266ce649d4ad05d8e" name="publicid" /> But I failed.

For any one have same questions for CF V4 to Vtiger 5.40 webform, may have a discuss here. If any one can contribute the code for V4 to let all user in Vtiger 5.40, joomla, chronoform V4 RC3.5.1 found a perfect solutions?

P.S.: put so many related words for any one can googled here.Surely, my publicid is del last serveral code.
Woodman 30 Nov, 2012
V4 form, I also faced same trouble with form wizard. With one day stay in this forums, I learned from Bob or GreyHead.
get the form with Easy form Wizard; then save & close; in form manager, click the form name, swith Form Wizard Mode.
Woodman 30 Nov, 2012
My target is emboss CF from with captcha input verify may other anti spam into ask a question about this product of VM. In my last installation of joomla 1.5, the email form of vm some times bring me lots of spam input.
Woodman 30 Nov, 2012
If any one can contribute the code for V4 to let all user in Vtiger 5.40, joomla, chronoform V4 RC3.5.1 found a perfect solutions?
GreyHead 01 Dec, 2012
Hi Woodman,

If you use the standard cURL action then you have to add any static values to the $form->data array using a Custom Code before the action is called. This is quite simple to do.
$form->data['moduleName'] = 'Leads';

If you get my custom cURL [GH] action then you can use both static values and dynamic values using the {} curly brackets syntax like this:

Woodman 06 Dec, 2012
Thanks a lot! Bob. Just come back to office today.
Any one works same as me, please attention for custom code:
$form->data['publicid'] = '75b11bf266ce649d4ad0xxxxxxx';

Curl it to your webform add. put map:

Enjoy, the sales automatic.
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