Corrupted form on save

susans 26 Nov, 2012
[attachment=0][/attachment]I was working on a form and saved it. When I tried to continue editing the form all of the events had disappeared and none of the elements on the sidebar would drag. Also, the display would not display the Preview pane next to the sidebar until the window was resized. I looked at the page using Firebug and I see that there is a javascript error reported in formwizard.js on line 108 (TypeError: wizard_element.getElement(...) is null). This happens when the form is loaded so the entire interface does not work.

Is there anyway to recover this form? I tried exporting it and importing it again but that did not fix the problem.

I am attaching the exported form.
susans 26 Nov, 2012
After more investigation it seems that the problem was caused by adding a formatted text element which had an open <div> without a closing </div> I went into the database and removed the offending formatted text element and now the javascript error is gone and the interface works but the actions are still missing.
GreyHead 26 Nov, 2012
Hi SusanS,

Well found - you do need to be careful about using clean HTML and quotes. Most of the ChronoForms elements are fairly tolerant but when something goes wrong it can mean that the form code and the ChronoForms code gets mixed up :-(

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