(SOLVED) required checkbox group and radio

le5 23 Nov, 2012

Fighting a little bit with the required option for Checkboxes (group) and Radio's.

When I activate required, its ignored.

After reading in the forum I tested some solutions.

When I edit the Form (over Form-Name) and go to the "code" tab and insert as example by each checkbox (in the group) following code

it will be tested and will work correctly.

But as soon I edit/save the form over the "Form-Wizard" this entries will be removed.

Since I want to give my customer access to Chronoforms, this will be no work-around.😟

Any advise/help about this Problem?

Using Joomla 2.5.8 (Multilanguage option enabled in joomla - 4 languages)
Using Chronoforam 4.0 RC3.4.1 Component (for each language a single form - NO language translation from chronoforms)
I dont publish the Form over Module or Plugin. Directly over Menu.

Thanks Pawel
GreyHead 24 Nov, 2012
Hi Pawel,

A couple of things here. First, I think that the checkbox group validation bug is fixed in the current release, if not, please contact Max using the Contact Us link above for a patch.

Second, if you are using the Form Code tab please set the Type to Custom instead of Wizard to stop the code being over-written. In general I avoid using the Form Code tab - please see this FAQ.

le5 24 Nov, 2012
Hi Bob

Installed Version 3.5.1 and this did it.

And you shouldnt work on a saturday 8)
You do brilliant support!

Greetings Pawel
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