How to build a Matrix form

galbur 14 Nov, 2012

I just want to build a matrix form in this way:


Do you have any idea about "best practice"? The Original Matrix will be 3 x 20 so i have to build 60 Text Boxes with the wizard. And than i will style it with the Custom Code Option. Hard work ;-) Is there a way to copy/past elements?

Thank you
GreyHead 14 Nov, 2012
Hi galbur,

I'd create the table part in an HTML editor (or using PHP to create it from a DB query) and include it in the form with a Custom Element element. Then you can use the standard ChronoForms elements for the remainder of the form.

galbur 14 Nov, 2012
Hi Bob

Thank you. So i will try to build the form as you described.
There is another problem. I started to build the form "the old way". That means i created about 50 Text Boxes but now im nat able to save the form anymore. When i try to save it jumps directly to the joomla Control Panel. Is there a limitation for fields for a form?

Thank you
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