Drop down witch db multi record loader question

erty 13 Nov, 2012

I'm new in chronoforms and I love it but I have a small problem
I made a drop down witch loaded all categories from database rnedw_k2_categories. My problem is that I would like 2 drop downs 1 with categories and second witch subcategories but in database categories and subcategories are in the same column and there exist another column that says about parenthood of each category. Is it possible to do? Please help me end my form🙂
GreyHead 13 Nov, 2012
Hi erty,

I don't have K2 so don't know much about it.

It sounds as though you would have to use a Custom Code action to add a query to extract the data that you want. If you are using Ajax to load the second dropdown you'll have a query anyhow and will need to edit it to pull up the exact entries that you need.

erty 16 Nov, 2012
Thanks for advice. For now I decided to put data in drop downs by hand, maybe next month I will find some time to play with code.
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