Strange behaviour with K2-Template

Louisleon 12 Nov, 2012

I have implemented a working (multipage) formular in a Joomla 2.5.7 Installation with K2-Template.
This form creates leads in a connected crm-system via a "Custom Server Side Validation" which is included in a "Check Captcha".
After spliting this multipage-form into two forms (form1 calls multipage form2) I have a strange behaviour. On any reason, Joomla always try to create leads in the crm-system with strange content (sometimes with content from the template!). I don't know how this is possible, because the coding shouldn't run if nobody entered the right captcha. It's really miraculous!
Had anybody this behaviour before?

Thanks in advance,


Louisleon 16 Nov, 2012
No idea?
I couldn't imagine that code is running without trigger an event!

GreyHead 16 Nov, 2012
Hi LouiseLeon,

Sorry, I don't have any useful suggestions from what is posted here. I don't expect that the template is the problem.


PS I recommend that you don't use the On Success events of the Check Captcha - the result is the same if you place the second action after the Check Captcha action. But I don't think that is causing this problem.
Louisleon 16 Nov, 2012
Hi Bob,

thanks for your answer!
Indeed, I'm using the on success Event of the capture with a custom server side validation action.
I will try to place the code after the check captcha action.

Another problem exist with a slideshow-template and the chronoform-plugin. I'm sure you know already about this problem. I have read that is possible to use Chronoforms without the plugin with {loadposition...}. Can you please give me a link for more explanations?

Thanks in advance,


(if you ever want to visit munich for a beer at the end of september ;-), let me know, you are cordially invited)
GreyHead 17 Nov, 2012
Hi LL,

I've never had to use the load position module. There's a post here explaining how another user did it.


I think probably Munich near the Oktoberfest is too crowded for me. We did visit some friends there a few years ago and may get back one day (my step-son was born in the Ludwig-Maximilian Hospital there).
Louisleon 22 Nov, 2012
Hi Bob,

your hint not to use captcha success nested with a Custom Server Side Validation seems to solve the problem. I didn't get any activity after this change.
Good to know not to use captcha success for any other action than to show a success message.

The other problem could be fixed, by activating "mootools" in the Template-Administration!

Best regards

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