How to export a form to xls file with XLS Export action

wilson_x 08 Nov, 2012
Hello everyone,
I have a form and I want to store the information from fields in a xls file, I tried with xls export action, but I don't know how to use it, I'm not an advance user, please could you explain me how to setup the form. Thanks
Max_admin 08 Nov, 2012
Hi wilson,

Did you try to simply drag it to the "on submit" event in your form ?

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
wilson_x 08 Nov, 2012
Hi, thanks for your answer. Yes I drag the action to submit event obviously but I don't understand the field "Data path" in configuration panel it says "The path to the Data list in the $form->data array, e.g: MODEL_ID".

Then I created a table and I add a "DB Multi Record Loader" to OnSubmit Event but it
neither works. I don't know what to do, when I try the form, the thanks message shows, but there's no xls file.

critter42 21 Nov, 2012
I built a basic form (just a submit button).

I dragged a DBMRL action into the On Load event and gave it a Model ID of guest_data and used the built-in Data Displayer (just need a quick-and-dirty view of the data, no need to edit/update).

In the On Submit event I dragged an XLS Export action and set the Data Path to guest_data and left the file name the default. I loaded the form, the data displayed (at least the left half did - I need to figure out how to display horizonal scrollbars - they won't display). I hit submit and nothing happened. The debugger action showed no data available for export

I then changed the Model ID of the DBMRL action to guest_listing and dragged another DBMRL action to the On Submit event and set it's Model ID to guest_data and dragged it before the XLS Export action. This time the submit button exported the file correctly (one thing, got the "the file you are trying to open, 'cf_export.xls' is in a different format than specified by the file extension" error, hit "Yes" and it opened).

My questions - is it possible to use a single DB Multi Record Loader in one event (On Load) and use the XLS Export action in a different event (On Submit in this case)?

(edited to add - figured out the scrollbar - helps when your width is set to 900px not 9000px🙂😀 )
GreyHead 21 Nov, 2012
Hi critter42,

There has to be a data set for the XLS action to work so if you use two different events then you need to pass the data set between them. For a few lines you could so that; if it's a big data set then it's probably easier to re-load the data in the second event or to put both actions in the same event.

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