form test on CF 4.0 on J2.5.7 works OK. live it fails

ajw3208 05 Nov, 2012
Hi Bob and Max,

Its been a while and all has been good, but now I have enbarked on J2.5 and something is not quite right.

here is what happens.

I test a form (imported from the J1.5 version of CF4) into J2.5. All good. I test the from within Forms Manager and it works fine. The form submit to the table and I get the thank you message I setup.

I test it via a menuitem created on the website and it fails, returning an error 404.

Any thoughts on why and how do you suggest I t/shoot this one.


GreyHead 05 Nov, 2012
Hi Anthony,

What is the URL that the menu creates?

ajw3208 07 Nov, 2012
HI Bob,

Attached are the forms I have created. Both function the same way and have worked flawlessly for over a year (both in V3 and updated to V4 under J1.5.26). They do have custom code in them and any suggestions on how to improve the forms would be welcomed.

The form with "headlions" in the name is the one we are discussing. I have not yet migrated or tested the other one yet, but I expect the same issue as they are very similar in the function and coding.


GreyHead 08 Nov, 2012
Hi Anthony,

Please try setting Use Relative URL to No on the form General tab.

ajw3208 12 Nov, 2012
Hi Bob,

Good call. That did the trick. I'll test on the other form and advise if I have any further issue.

Thanks for the prompt service.

Glad CF is still here. Couldn't do without it.

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